5 Tips On How To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Hello Friends!

This week we are back with another 5 x 5 Health Tips Series and today we will be giving you 5 tips on how to reduce stress in your life!
Previously in our "5 pillars of health video" (link below) we discussed the importance of reducing stress and its impact to your overall health.

Numerous studies on stress have shown that over a long period of time, it can be very detrimental to the human body. Stress is one of the leading underlying causes of disease but often times gets overlooked because of “silent” nature.

Knowing what we know about stress, we decided to make a video to give you some easy and actionable tips on how to reduce stress in your life. These 5 tips on how to reduce stress are practical and easy to implement and we believe they can be of great benefit!

Good luck on your journey to reduce stress in your life and please comment and let us know if you found these tips helpful!

Aneesa and Tahir ✌🏽

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