Delicious Kale Pasta


1 head of Lasinato Kale

Chickpea Pasta (optional) Sub with: Any kind of pasta preference

A pinch Salt

Black Pepper

Tahini sauce

2 teaspoons of Curry Powder

1/2 a lemon

Step 1

Put on water to boil for the pasta

Step 2

Peel the leafs kale from the stem

Step 3

Put a pan on the stove on medium heat

Step 4

Break up the kale with your hands and put Kale in the heated frying pan

Step 5

Put a pinch of salt onto the kale and a generous helping of black pepper

Step 6

Once the water is boiled put on the pasta for 7 minutes to cook or until fully cooked.

Step 7

Stir kale occasionally until it has become crispy then put on the 2 teaspoons of curry powder

Step 8

Juice the half lemon directly into the pan on the kale

Step 9

Drain Pasta and put onto a plate then top the pasta with the finished kale. Once that's finished, drizzle Tahini sauce on top to your enjoyment and eat!

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